Reading homework! This summer I’m assisting with an Inside/Out course held through Portland State University. Inside/Out courses bring together students inside of a prison with students outside of said prison, get it? This particular course is held at Columbia River Correctional Institution, a 595-bed minimum security prison. CRCI will be a far cry from Rikers Island which is a nightmarish hellscape that can hold something like 15,000 people. At CRCI, my job will be helping students with their capstone senior projects. They are writing grants intended to address some need at the institution, such as funding domestic violence prevention training. Oh, and we’re also discussing this graphic novel, so I’ve pretty much attained my professional peak right here. Things I also have to prepare for tomorrow: a smart, modest outfit that contains very little metal and none of the color blue as well as course materials including pens that must be transparent.

July 16, 2016

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